Sample Application

Company Details
Email Address
First Name          Anne Marie
Last Name          OKeefe
Company            Apple Inc.
First Name of Company Contact FNAME
Last Name of Company Contact LNAME
Street Address   1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA
Diversity              56% white, 19% Asian, 12% Hispanic and 9% black
Size of company              5,000+ Employees
Industry              Technology
2017 Revenue    $1 billion or more
Projected 2018 Revenue              $1 billion or more
Public or Private              Public
Innovation Details
Describe the innovations your company achieved in 2017:        
  Apple isn't a chip company, yet its silicon design group shipped four chips in 2019: the A10  (iPhone); S2 (Watch); W1 (AirPods); and T1 (on the new MacBook's touch pad). These chips help Apple improve the customer experience of these products by enabling new features that drive sales. For example, the A10 Fusion chip that powers iPhone 7s can use its two high-efficiency processors for routine functions while its two high-performance ones tackle more intensive computing. This approach saves battery life. The camera in the 7 Plus can create a stunning depth-of-field effect because of the chip. The S2 chip in Apple Watch makes it faster and improves the experience. The W1 chip in AirPods (and a line of Beats headphones) enables faster pairing with devices just by tapping one of the ear buds on an iPhone.
Please provide specific metrics (such as revenue, profitability or customer growth) to prove how these innovations have had a significant impact on your business:
The improved or new chips helped enhance the products they power and made them more appealing to customers. AirPods have been on backorder for almost six months because of the customer demand. Apple sold more than 78 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2018 and more than 50 million during Q2. The average selling price of the iPhone has gone up to $655, which reflects that more customers are opting for the iPhone 7 Plus, so they can take advantage of the enhanced camera which is powered by our chip design. Revenue in the first quarter was $78.4 billion, with profitability of $17.9 billion. If Apple’s “other revenue” division, which includes Watch and AirPods, were its own company it would be one of the 500 largest companies in the world.
How did these innovations change your industry?           
Apple continues to lead the world in smart watch design, performance, and sales. Traditional watchmakers such as Swatch, and computing rivals such as Google, Huawei, Samsung, and Fitbit continue to try to catch up to Watch and its features and performance. AirPods and Beats W1 headphones are pushing the industry away from cables and towards wireless headphones.
How did these innovations drive the culture?     
The iPhone 7 Plus camera is being used in place of higher-end professional cameras to produce ad campaigns (including Apple’s), as well as film projects.
Who is the person or persons most responsible for this innovation?         
Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President For Hardware Technologies
What category best describes your innovation? (Please select up to three)
Consumer Electronics, Technology