MIC Category Definitions

AdvertisingThe agencies, technologies, and ideas advancing the business of persuasion
ArchitectureFirms and commissions that are transforming the built world
Artificial intelligenceAlgorithmically powered products that are changing how humans interact with computers
BeautyThe science and marketing of cosmetics
BiotechThe therapies and new solutions using biological science to solve medical problems
BrandingMarketers redefining and elevating the identities of their companies or brands
Consumer electronicsThe new gadgets improving people's lives  
Data scienceCompanies building a competitive advantage through their unique cache of intelligence
DesignThe companies and firms reshaping business through industrial design, design thinking, and new user experiences  
EducationNew approaches to improving learning
EnergyNovel initiatives that address climate change
Enterprise The tech and services making businesses more efficient and effective--and employees happier
Film & TelevisionThe companies developing breakthrough programming—and rethinking how content is marketed and released 
FinanceThe products and technologies offering new wealth-building opportunities for everyone
FoodRestaurants, products, systems, and technologies that are transforming the way we eat
GamingCutting-edge play that entertains, enlightens, and fosters new communities 
HealthThe latest devices, services, and approaches to empower patients
Live EventsBringing people together in real or virtual life to create indelible, shared moments
MediaThe businesses inventing or reinventing the future of news
MusicThe artists, labels, streamers, promoters, and anyone else making beautiful noise
Not-for-profitFashioning the future of philanthropy
RetailFresh approaches to selling goods and services 
RoboticsThe companies finding creative ways of integrating robotics into our lives and our work 
SecurityKeeping people and companies safe from the new digital warfare 
Social goodFor-profit companies doing their part to make the world a better place 
Social mediaDaring strategies and new platforms for meeting people where they live
SpaceThe startups and stalwarts commercializing the final frontier
SportsThe teams, leagues, products, and off-the-field all-stars scoring in the business of play
StyleFashioning the future of how we dress
TransportationWho's driving new mobility solutions and clean alternatives to traditional conveyances
TravelThe businesses enabling new ways to explore the world
Urban development / real estateThe landscapes, properties, and thoughtful initiatives defining how we live today  
VideoThe players designing new platforms and novel ways to consume media  
Virtual reality / Augmented realityThe firms creating the future of tech-powered immersive entertainment and experiences
WellnessThe products and services redefining fitness and self-care