Sensorium is an interactive exhibition that explores the depths of the human “supersenses”. A place where experiences are created using advanced technologies and innovative solutions to express and amplify emotions, challenging intellectual and cognitive functions. Inside a dark and mesmerizing emotional chamber that showcases unique startups and artistic installations, you will explore different areas, performing actions or being exposed to various stimuli that create an experience, emphasizing those elements that distinguish man from machine: emotions.


Sensorium is curated by H-Farm, an innovation platform where entrepreneurship and education coexist using unique digital approach to support the creation of new business models and transformation of both young people and companies.


Startups, artistic collectives and technologies were carefully selected for their unique solutions. Sensorium is made possible thanks to many collaborations like Arctop, a software platform that applies specialized artificial intelligence to electrical measurements of brain activity in order to infer people’s feelings, reactions, and intent; Weart, a robotics lab that develops wearable and portable devices designed for the digitalization of the sense of touch, able to record and playback forces, vibrations and temperature changes; OLO a creative farm using technology for creating visual communication; panGenerator, a new media art & design collective blending ephemeral digital realm with physical world; Razer, world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers; Next, a hub for creativity in the field of production of innovative event. Other collaboration include individual performing artists, photographers, interaction designers, sound engineers, developers and thinkers all coming together to create a unique emotional experience.