Tuesday, October 24, 2017
With their innate curiosity and love of play, children are natural innovators. Encouraging them to experiment is not only essential to their development, but also vital to society. It’s how we’ll confront future challenges with fresh ideas and compete in a marketplace where creative thinking wins the day. Kickstart your morning with Why the Future Belongs to Creative Thinkers — an engaging breakfast featuring a keynote from Mitch Resnick, professor of learning research at the MIT Media Lab, which is pioneering new ways to spark creativity in children through technology. Then immediately following, join Cartoon Network president Christina Miller, Minecraft creative director Saxs Persson, GIPHY COO Adam Leibsohn, cofounder Zach Klein, and Adafruit founder Limor Fried for Why The Future Economy is in Play — a dynamic discussion that will explore how supporting and fostering creativity in children through tech will ultimately change the landscape—if not the world—and ignite new and unexpected business opportunities.