Thursday, October 26, 2017
Successful innovation looks inevitable after the fact, but almost impossible in progress. This session at Wieden + Kennedy will check off the “uncensored” box at the Innovation Festival as Wieden+Kennedy hosts an unfiltered discussion and showcase of the hard work of brand innovation from the perspective of people who challenged the system and the skeptics to make something new. Navigating the criticism, doubt, and roadblocks that are the dues of innovation requires equal parts vision, tactics, and grit. But going through that process makes better products, processes, and companies. Leaders from W+K Lodge and Nike's Innovation Kitchen will run through a condensed innovation playbook, including how to start carving a new path when the world thinks you should be going in the other direction; how to keep things moving and use criticism and setbacks to your advantage; and how to move ideas over the finish line. Bonus: W+K will take visitors through one of the innovative end products of this process: Nike’s new Makers Experience, built on The Lodge's Live Design system, which allows sneaker fans to design custom shoes  on their feet and take their one-of-a-kind product home in an hour. One lucky attendee will get a chance to experience Live Design for themselves at the Nike By You Studio in NYC!
Wieden + Kennedy