Monday, October 23, 2017
Planning for evolving industrial waterfronts require us to think holistically and within a resilient framework. But how? Planning for resilience requires new ways of seeing the relationships between issues impacting communities. The Perkins+Will S.E.E. Framework helps stakeholders to understand the Social, Economic and Environmental aspects of resilience and in seeing their interconnections, to make better decisions for community improvements. It’s how people, industries, and networks become knowledgeable and interconnected and in doing that, create better experiences and better places. In this workshop, P+W will introduce the S.E.E. Framework, explaining how social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities offer complementary perspectives to truly understand the resiliency challenges that communities face. Using a Brooklyn waterway as a case study, you'll get an inside look at real-world examples from an evolving and challenged industrial community. Then you'll break into working groups that will tackle the project's resilience. Perkins+Will experts and local facilitators will help each group quickly contextualize what’s happening in terms of social, economic and environmental issues. Best of all, the framework is easily transportable, ready to go home with participants as they help out in their own communities!