Wednesday, October 25, 2017
It’s one thing to create a brand that captures attention, but it’s another to create one that challenges people’s assumptions and perceptions. Join Mary Zalla, Landor’s global president of consumer brands, for a discussion about how the company’s World Changing Ideas finalist campaign, “Inject Hope,” changed the conversation around the opioid crisis. Zalla will talk about principles of human perception and how to jolt attentional systems to challenge yourself and others to think differently. She will share how using optimistic, hope-based messaging—and eschewing demonizing, fear-based language—raised awareness and built support for people struggling with opioid addiction. You'll work with Zalla and fellow attendees to brainstorm ideas for one particular public policy aspect of the crisis. And as you do, you'll learn how to challenge your own beliefs and become a more creative and effective problem solver.