Monday, October 23, 2017
Alison Cayne founded Haven’s Kitchen in 2012 to teach people more than just how to cook—she wanted to show them how to make food decisions that positively impact their bodies and their communities. Camilla Marcus views hospitality as a chance to take care of a neighborhood; her L.A.-inspired west~bourne restaurant partners with the Robin Hood Foundation to help fund job training for young people in New York City and hires from that very program it supports. Bring your appetite for a visit to Haven’s Kitchen’s Chelsea townhouse digs, where you’ll eat lunch crafted by west~bourne and Haven's Kitchen while enjoying a fireside chat with Cayne, Marcus, and food journalist Dana Cowin. They’ll cover the startup process, growing and reinventing a business, and integrating a larger social mission into an innovative for-profit venture in the food and beverage industry.
*Note: There is no elevator in this third-floor venue.
Haven's Kitchen