Tuesday, October 24, 2017
At five-year-old healthcare tech startup Flatiron Health, software engineers and oncologists work side by side to tackle some of the biggest problems in cancer research and patient care. The company, whose founders came from the advertising industry, is proof of the power of combining diverse viewpoints: Flatiron’s software has made it easier for doctors to index and search patient files, for cancer patients to access financial assistance, and for doctors to match patients with clinical trials. At this session inside Flatiron’s headquarters, you’ll hear from cofounder and CEO Nat Turner, data insights engineer Rohit Parulkar, VP of business development Marta Bralic, and director of product management Keith Cowing, as well as from some of the company’s on-staff oncologists. You’ll learn why the right timing—more than idea or execution—is so crucial to a startup’s success, and you’ll work with Flatiron’s experts to imagine unconventional solutions to some of the biggest problems in medicine.
Flatiron Health