Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Can creativity be classified? Artsy—the online platform that aggregates artwork from galleries and auction houses worldwide—thinks it can. At this visit to their NYC headquarters (boasting panoramic views of the city) you’ll learn all about its Art Genome Project and why it’s essential for catapulting the art world into the future. Attendees will be split into three groups, led by either Madeleine Boucher (content manager of the Art Genome Project), Jessica Backus (director of Gallery and Art Fair Relations), or Matthew Israel (curator-at-large and director of Artsy OnSite) and learn how Artsy classifies iconic works of art. Afterwards, the session will turn to decoding the art market with experts from across Artsy’s team, including president and COO Sebastian Cwilich. They’ll share what they look for in emerging artist’s work and how to spot the next big talent.