Monday, October 23, 2017
The Wealthsimple team knows that one of the hardest things to discuss honestly is money. But they’ve created a magazine and a digital platform that feature “Money Diaries,” where everyone from Jon Hamm to a nun who took a vow of poverty can open up about their financial questions and insecurities. At this behind-the-scenes visit to their editorial offices in Soho, you’ll learn how Wealthsimple cracked the code for creating a new kind of financial brand. Bonus: You get to be an editor for a day. Wealthsimple's creative director, Devin Friedman, will share the company's approach to crafting content for new audiences and guide you through the creation of an installment of “Money Diaries,” live! One participant will be interviewed by a staff writer, using questions generated by the rest of the group. The article will then be published at Wealthsimple’s online magazine!