Full Name
Oonie Chase
Job Title
Executive Creative Director
Oonie Chase is a fearlessly optimistic design leader who has been crossing the streams of experience and storytelling in ways that seduce, delight & make good things happen for people and the brands that love them. She is currently the Executive Creative Director of the frog headquarters in San Francisco where she leads and mentors an extraordinary team of multidisciplinary designers, strategists and technologists who are tasked with transforming the world one project at a time.

Prior to joining frog, Oonie was the Experience Design Director at Wieden+Kennedy, where she built and lead a team of designers & technologists who worked to expand the surface area between current understandings about brands and where they could go. She learned this trick at GMMB (the folks who brought you Barak Obama) and a bunch of other equally impressive places.

She’s worked with the likes of Arup, TED, USAID, American Express, Bioware, LinkedIn and of course the FAMGA (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon). She keeps a laser like focus on delivering experiences for humans and knows if she does that everything else will follow. She hates talking about herself because it takes time away from work so she gets others to write gushing and understated bios for her. But if your organization, product or brand interfaces with a human she’s the only person to call.
Oonie Chase