Full Name
Rob Acker
Job Title
Rob Acker is the CEO of Salesforce.org, where he’s focused on delivering world-class technology to nonprofit and education organizations, driving community engagement and distributing strategic grants to communities around the world. Since 1999, 30,000+ nonprofits use Salesforce technology for free or at a discount, Salesforce employees have participated in 2.6M hours of volunteer time, and $160M+ in grants have been delivered.

During his time at Salesforce.org, Rob created a revolutionary self-sustaining business model with Salesforce’s support that allows nonprofits and education organizations to leverage technology, community engagement and grants to accelerate their mission. Salsforce.org has since increased its grants by four times, its customer base by 10 times, and has become a leading corporate social enterprise focused on improving communities around the world. Rob’s visionary approach has led to Salesforce.org being named one of the top corporate philanthropies, according to San Francisco Business Times.
Rob  Acker