Full Name
Martine Jarlgaard
Job Title
Meet Yourself
Described as a technology pioneer by Forbes, Martine Jarlgaard works in the intersection of technology, fashion, business and art. Her drive towards positive change is complimented by her passion for creating an intelligent, liveable future and technology’s potential to challenge human behavior.

Martine has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Vogue, on BBC News and has been invited to give talks as an industry expert and thought leader at the Inter-American Development Bank, Yale University, the New Web, Singularity University, British Fashion Council’s Fashion Forum, China Fashion Forum, and Human Rights Foundation around topics such as the future of fashion, art installation and experience MEET YOURSELF, ethics, Blockchain-powered transparency, digital transformation through Extended Reality, sustainability, and creativity in the age of AI.

MEET YOURSELF is an Extended Reality art experience and installation where you get to stand face to face with a life-size, 3D, holographic avatar of yourself and to experience yourself as others do. MEET YOURSELF was first launched in 2017, and was, in January 2018, shown at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with the support of Unity Technologies. The concept evolves around self-perception, mental health, identity, and human's future with technology, alternative realities, avatars, and multiple selves.
Martine Jarlgaard