Full Name
Michael Jones
Job Title
Senior Director of Product
Salesforce AI Research
Michael Jones “MJ” is the Senior Director of Product at Salesforce AI Research, where he plays a crucial role in bringing state-of-the-art AI to life for Salesforce customers. MJ acts as the glue between research, engineering, data science, and product teams, helping to drive the application of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision across the Salesforce platform in a ethical and trusted fashion. A creator and explorer at heart, MJ has dedicated his career to identifying, mastering, and leveraging new technologies to drive better business outcomes and brings more than 20 years of technical experience to the role, ranging from coding to product development. Prior to joining Salesforce, MJ severed as CTO at social intelligence startup Little Bird, where he led engineering, product and customer success teams. In his free time MJ likes to wrench on rare European off-road vehicles.
Michael Jones